Finally Met Again (Is there any coincidence in this world?)


Today’s post is not really about me. But it made me realize that sometimes miraculous coincidence do happen around us. Here’s the story.

Last night, I saw one of my friend’s (Anita) post in facebook. She shared news that she has found a dog on the street. Then, i suggested her to share this news through our city radio (Suara Surabaya) since I thought it would reach more people than Facebook’s post did (in this case, because the case was limited in Surabaya, and Suara Surabaya *I think* is the most-heard radio in this city).

Photo Courtessy: Anita W.S

According to Anita, this dog was found on the street with quite bad condition, with several blood in his body, was starving and shaking, and quite aggressive to people who tried to get closer to him. But, fortunately, he got along with Anita and wanted to be taken care for a while. I didn’t look him while he was in bad condition. I just saw the picture which he has been cleaned, thanks to Anita’s taking care of him. He really missed his owner. Every time there was a guest came to Anita’s house, Timmy always got out to find out. But, after knowing that the person who’s coming is not his owner, he walked away with disappointed face.

This morning, I shared this news to my girlfriend. After seeing the dog’s photo, suddenly she said that the dog face looked familiar with her cousin’s dog, who has ran from home around 4 months ago. Using that photo, she wanted to tell his cousin to check it whether it’s his lost dog or not. Later, it’s true that it’s his cousin’s dog. Wow.. Do you think it’s just fortunate coincidence? The dog has been gone for 4 months without any information, and today, he has been able to meet his owner again, who still has family relationship with my girlfriend (and Timmy was my girlfriend’s dog’s father, by the way.. complicated relationship :p)

I mean, well, I don’t have any specific intentions at first to get involved with this lost dog (it’s name is Timmy). And later on, fortunately, it’s my girlfriend’s cousin’s dog who has been missing. I just could be ignorant (well, so many facebook post around our facebook home page right?) not to share the missing dog news. I also could just not tell my girlfriend if I think it’s not quite important news. But, hey, I just told several lines of chat about this news and like a snowball, it’s becoming a big miracle between the dog and the owner.

I am not very religious person. But I do believe that miracles do exist (whatever you call it). And today, I have seen the prove of it with myself including in it.


Photo Courtesy : Anita W.S

Photo Courtesy : Anita W.S

Just look at their happy face, it made me feel happy and grateful too… Even the dog expressed his happiness about this meeting. Don’t forget to be grateful for what you already have right now, because human often take things for granted whatever we have at the moment, until the time has come when we lost them đŸ™‚

*Special thanks to Anita, who has saved the dog from the street and taken care of him well :))