#183 : this sem schedule – draft

this is the draft of my schedule for this sem.. yes practices only take 8 occurrences, but they also cost a lot of energy.. wew.. but no need to sigh rite hehehe..

This sched is from Mon – Sun (left to right)

on tuesday, i believe that there will be no chance for me at all to do any homework seeing that schedule.. wew.. wednesday evening also won’t be good enough for me.. and thx to my finished CCNA curriculum that i don’t need to go to school on Saturday.. CCNA usually takes 5-6 hour..

saturday looks like very clear, but i believe it won’t be so clear like that.. there will be a lot of things happen there based on my experience till now..wew..

the only way to make my life a little bit comfortable is by maximizing time on non-tight or less tight day to as soon as possible eliminate all of the assignments on that week so that it won’t be cumulated on one hard day.. this is the really hard thing i should do remembering my diligence. but people say, human will do everything to keep themselves survive.. and that what i will do ^^ hehe to save my life from a continuous pressure of school life hehehe..

this is still a draft, but seems to be beta version.. is it tight or not ? hohoho.. well time will answer it..