#108 : some things that made me disappointed

this post don’t accept any comments.. but please do not take it seriously if maybe some readers feel involved in these situations.. i don’t mean to make all of you feel guilty.. in fact, i just feel quite disappointed at the beginning, but because i’m currently reading ‘Emotional Intelligence’, i should try to manage my emotion very well..

yesterday :

  • i’ve made some hard appointment with someone special (for me so special) but the appointment seemed to be cancelled because somebody has watched the movie first. he4.. well never mind la.. just positive thinking.. if yesterday she approved my invitation, then it will be the same on the next invitation.. no mad at you.. understand your situation..
  • nothing i’ve finished.. this refer to my part of projects.. just do a little things.. but try not to blame myself.. because today i will pay it..

today :

  • 8 am came to school.. waited til 9 am.. but the lecturer didn’t come w/o any reason.. well just ordinary disappointment + little pleasant..
  • ordered dumpling (pangsit kuah), but my friend misunderstood me and ordered dumpling noodle for me (mie pangsit).. phew.. couldn’t say anything T_T

this post isnt a blaming post.. but according to the book, writing what i feel disappointed at is making me better and maybe that’s true ^^… but for all those problems, i can say surely that i do not have any madness on them anymore.. not try to forget it, but try to understand and forgive ^^..