#104 : life is very very relative

we often comment on other’s life.. we (maybe) never had their life ( i mean, we never do such their life e.g becoming an artist, becoming a president etc ), but we do bravely give so many comment on their life ( including me.. huh.. i must remind myself not to often comment on other’s life ).. life itself is really2 complicated and complex.. if you wonder why this people do this thing, almost everybody will have an answer which at least that answer is correct to them ( although sometimes it is not true according our private opinion ).. why did Hitler initiate the 2nd World War.. why Bush initiated Iraq War.. All we did was blaming them.. but we never tried to be in their position.. hmmm okay i did not defend them.. because they have made a genocidal chaos and i do not agree with that for any reason.. but today i’m acting as a people who try to understand others.. because i think understanding human is much more difficult than understanding other things in this world ( not include understanding the Only One, ask why we were given a life ).. so why don’t i choose psychology for my bachelor degree ? wew.. yeah now i don’t care about whether i study comp science or psychology..

well people live with their own reasons ( or life mission ).. and that will make life is really a relative thing that we cannot force other to live in our way of life.. but sometimes, we got trapped in a situation where we can’t accept other’s way of life and try to force them to change ( i want to say an example, but i am not brave enough T_T because it’s such a politic and social-cultural problem ) .. so many things unrevealed in this life and we keep trying to reveal them all… but is it so essential for us to know everything ? how about just know something we need to know ? keep questioning doesn’t solve the problem.. however, it will create much more new questions.. for example why there are so many dark side ( in Indo : kejahatan )  e.g criminals  .. i just answer, the white and dark sides are like the two sides of a coin.. they always together.. if you want to eliminate dark sides, means you have to eliminate the white one too.. so that is life.. we do have many complements of weakness and strength, good and bad, and so on.. nothing is really 100% absolute..

relative here means we do not have static value.. so that means life is a variable ( huh… Informatic student yeah he4 ) .. so what do you think about this life ?