responding last blog

well from some discussions ^^ about being helped and thx to really inspiring comments, i can publish my new thoughts based on those 3 people’s comments :

  1. help is fine, even it shows that people respect and believe in us ( according to Felix ) , also a kind tolerance of our inability as an imperfect human  ( according to Carisa ).
  2. according to no 1, we should see a help as a media to develop ourself, to see our mistakes ( according Sonic ) , see what we can learn, and also why we should able to find something to learn is because the respect and belief from other that make them want to help us.. it is not to spoil us, but to support us, to let us find our weakness AND IMPROVE IT NEXT TIME.
  3. do not pretend that help is always be there for us.. in fact, for me, i think we also should be the one who finished our business ( hmm exclude some business like serving food, tidying house ^^ ) our business means our obligations that we should do it by ourself..
  4. i’m not a help-phobic.. i accept helps :p and also thanks to any helps that given to me.. to grate all of helps i received, of course i should help others in wise way ( giving answer in exams should not be, but the fact, sometimes i do it especially in online exams he4… )

well once more thx for those who commented on previous blog…