Laskar Pelangi – from book to Movies

i’ve just read from the news that Miles Production will make a film of Laskar pelangi.. yey.. such a great book should be filmed.. and i have a great expectation too from that film ^^ it would be a Harry Potter’s rival from Indonesia hehehehe..  well maybe it’s still in domestic scope but i do hope there are more and more Indonesia books, with a great story from Indonesia ( especially from ‘unknown’  place ) come to give surprise and show that Indo people are exist in this world.. we are a huge country, and we should dream hugely also..

i have thought that maybe i read too much until now ^^ i have finished 1 book again.. so within 2 weeks i ‘ate’ 4 books ( although it’s light, mild ^^ ) sooo i’m thinking on transforming into an author / writer because i think it’s the only way to keep me improving.. reading without writing will be quite useless because it’s as if we eat a lot of thing but we don’t exercise or do something to contribute our energy..

well i think i’m gonna start with some book reviews on this blog also..