#406 : 2nd Day of 30DLBL Challenge ~ Ideal Life

This is the second day of 30DLBL challenge, and today’s theme is What’s your Ideal Life. I think, the answer to this post is should be your 100/100 life wheel (from the previous challenge), with 10/10 on each areas. So, basically, you will need to state what’s your ideal life, how you do that life, and etc.


Our life, somehow, is not always about life we dream about. We push away our dream, because we think that it’s impossible to get what we want in life. So, we start to leave our dream, and choose to live in our ‘realistic life’. Well, to be realistic is good, but, it will be better if we dare to dream something, to be optimistic, and dare to make effort to reach it. Why ? because it will force us to do better. If, in the end, we don’t succeed in reaching our dream, at least, i’m sure that we’ll be a better person rather than those who never try to pursue their dreams. At least, we try to give our maximum effort (and i think giving maximum effort will push you to the edge, give your best, therefore you will also improve your life) no matter what the result is. Of course, dreams need plans to make those real. Dreams can’t be reach just by state it, and just do your normal life. So, i think, after you dreaming, you should make a good plan, to ensure that your dream is realistic (in any good ways of course). Don’t be too hurry to give up your dreams and say it’s impossible.

Dreams Your Ideal Life

Image from escape-club.org

In this 2nd challenge, Celes asked us to dream, to imagine freely, what’s our ideal life should be. Our 100/100 scores life. It helps us to be honest to ourselves, what we really want to do in our limited-time life. We do not live forever, but maybe our spirit can be forever in this world, if we do something huge for this world, and something huge often starts from dream. For example, Mother Teresa, she died more than 10 years ago. But her spirit, her love to this world, has been known until now, and we adore her as the good example on how our life should be. She got her ideal life by serving those unfortunate people. So, do we need to exactly copy what Mother Teresa do ? no we don’t. But we need to be more consciously live and try to get our ideal life. Don’t just sleepwalking your life.

2nd Task From Celes

Imagination. Dreams. Passion. Ideals. Possibilities.

this is the 2nd task from Celes (basically, i will just copy-paste it, so that all the readers will be able to directly see what Celes ask, not what i’m thinking about what she has asked :p ).. The complete post can be seen here.

  1. Start on a fresh sheet of paper for Day 2. On top of it, write “My Ideal Life”
  2. For the next 45 minutes (or more), I want you to seriously answer this question:

    What would you do if you can never, ever fail? What would you do if you have unlimited resources, time or networks? What are your biggest goals and dreams? What would you want to achieve in your life? What is your ideal life? What is a life you can look back and be proud of living, and tell yourself “I’ve truly lived to my fullest?”

  3. Be bold; Write everything you want. See this paper as the menu of the God/highest power that you’re aware of, where whatever you write on it will come true. Write as much as you need to; 4 pages, 6 pages, or even more than 10 pages!! This should be a life where you’ll score >10/10 and >10/10 on each category of your life wheel too. As a small example, in my ideal life, TPEB reaches millions of readers every day; I’ve my very own international talkshow; I have books that are in top international best sellers’ lists; I run a full school campus for TSOPE which is my training business; (think Xavier school from X-Men); I’m on the cover of top magazines like Forbes/Times/Business Week/etc; I speak to hundreds and thousands of people in conferences/seminars; I have a private jet and much more. Be bold, be audacious, be free, be truly you. Be as specific as possible; the more specific it is, the more the universe will be able to bring this to you. Write everything that comes to mind. Even little details, nuances are relevant.
  4. Your answers should cover all categories in your life wheel.
    1. Business / Career / Studies – What are you doing? What achievements and results do you want to create? How big is your business/career? (If you’ve a business, will it be international?)
    2. Finance/Wealth – How much money will you be earning? What property do you live in? What material possessions will you have?
    3. Health/Fitness – How is your fitness level? How do you look? What is your diet like? How is your health?
    4. Social/Friends – How is your social circle like? What are the kind of friends you are with?
    5. Family – What are you doing with your family? How often do you meet them?
    6. Romance/Love – (if you’re single) What is your ideal partner? How is he/she like? What do you love about him/her? Do you have kids? How many? How are they like?
    7. Recreation – What do you do for recreation? What hobbies do you want to pursue?
    8. Contribution – What will you be doing socially? How will you be giving back to the world / helping others?
    9. Personal Growth – How will you be pursuing your personal growth? What will you be learning, growing?
    10. Spiritual – How connected will you be with the world? How will you be pursuing your spiritual interests?
  5. Your ideal life should meet your 4 core needs. For more details, read the exercise I wrote in an earlier article.
    1. Body (physical needs)
    2. Mind (mental needs)
    3. Heart (emotional needs)
    4. Soul (spiritual needs)

My Answer to this Task

I have so manyyyyyyy answers to this task.. hehe.. but, i think, it won’t appropriate for me to publish all my dreams, for privacy and ethical reason. So, i just give random examples of what my ideal life. Remember the rule,

See this paper as the menu of the God/highest power that you’re aware of, where whatever you write on it will come true.

that means, i just write anything i want to do.. :p.. Here is my list

  • I want to become a writer. My favorite genre will be Fantasy Fiction, such as Harry Potter, Eragon, and so on. I see this genre as the best way to imagine crazily and freely above the realistic things in this world. Of course, i would like to have my books sold internationally later (although i think i should start writing in my mother tongue, Bahasa Indonesia). I imagine that i will have a series of novels,  a lottt of readers, traveling around the world to launch my book :)..
  • I want to travel around the world, across all of the continent in this world. By traveling, i will be able to see the beauty of our world, the most beautiful things in our lives, which is created by God. Of course, i will make a documentation of my journey by writing journey blogs :). My list of countries i want to visit: Japan, Australia, Italy, Egypt, and USA. 5 countries from 5 continents, but not limited to those.
  • I want to build free libraries for the unfortunate children, continued by building free schools for them. Why ? i think, reading is fun and important for children, as they will be able to expand their imagination. But, there are so many poverty around the world, that so many children unable to reach books and educations. I am, sometimes, also touched by the children, who likely to be seen in my country, selling newspapers or ask for money in roads. I think, roads are not their place. It’s so cruel, isn’t it ? Imagine, in the afternoon, around 1-2 pm, where it definitely so hot, they still have to make a living by selling news, and sometimes i see they are barefoot walking, without shoes or sandals, in the so-damn-hot roads. At night, they still on roads, sometimes i see them sleeping in the pedestrians side. These personal experiences are the basic motivation for me to help the poor children..
  • Personally, i would like to have a family, with nice wife and cute kids, in a small comfortable home. Haha. (really human being). Family and home will be the place i spend time the most. It will be better if i can a house which not too far from our families, such my parents, etc. Of course, one small private library in my house will be perfect 🙂
  • Would like to have a business in books industry, beside to be a writer. For example, a book store, a book distributor, publisher, or even to have my own newspaper and so on.

Well, i think it’s enough to write my dreams. hehe.. remember, when you read my dreams, you should see the rule, that i do have power to achieve all of this.. Hahaha.. (and i’m really expecting my dream life could be real sometimes 🙂 )..

3rd Task Tomorrow

Look forward to the 3rd task tomorrow, which celes give us clue, but i can’t find out what is that.

If you’re wondering what exactly we’re doing tomorrow, here’s a clue :D – “AS ROBIN VOID” (it’s an anagram).

But, i think, it will related to some drawing stuff, regarding to the preparation

In preparation for Day 3’s task, you’ll need

  1. A corkboard (with surface area as big as four A4 papers put together)
  2. A box of thumbtacks (because the ones that come with the corkboard aren’t enough)
  3. Colored printer ink if your printer is running low on colors

If you don’t have any of the above, you can get them at any regular bookstore. If you don’t have a printer, then there’s no need to get the 3 items (you’ll still be able to take part in Day 3’s task, don’t worry).

See you tomorrow on 3rd challenge, guys. Keep dreaming and don’t forget your dreams 🙂