Daily Life

#313 : Fairly good

Wednesday from 9 am : hmm, tried to finish my job due to PLC (Puzzles and Logic Challenge).. i’ve made the Real Time rank + count down timer for the competition.. then played RO for a while.. 2 pm, went home.. aris came to my house and he printed the CAD file i’ve made for him.. after that, had a guitar course at melodia delta, because Melodia Ngagel is being renovated till next month.. what a far course place T_T.. i can’t go on foot (or becak) as usual.. after that, picked up my mom at Atum..

in the evening, went to Uranus.. asked for about 40 books of Law which my cousin asked me for.. well, so sorry for the Uranus officer that should look for so many books in the search engine ^^.. and i made Uranus Member Card.. it cost 100K for first, and 50K for extension for following year.. yeah i think it’s not really worth to make that card if you’re not bookaholic.. it only gives you additional 5% discount.. in my calculation, if you want to make break even for 100K you’ve paid, you need to at least buy books for total amount (100/5)*100K = 2 million.. such a huge number.. and i don’t think i can (and i want) to spend my 2 million only in books.. its just crazy isn’t it.. well, 2M/12 months, about 200K spending/month for a book.. errr, thats more than half of my wages as assistant.. hehe.. yeah somehow i’ve made the card (well the card physically isn’t with me.. have to wait for it)..

Thursday : as i came to school, i tried to finish my program.. then ard 9 am, had a meeting with head of lab, all of lab assistant.. ow yeah, and this sem will be quite hard.. why ? coz i was pointed to be coordinator of 2 practices, Java S1 INF and Java D3-S1 SIB.. well okay, its the same java.. but Java for S1-INF using textpad, coding line per line, while the other Java using Netbeans, Visual Developer for Java.. and i never used Netbeans T_T.. well the problem not only that.. because the assistant was asked to make a tutorial for practice.. so i should make 2.. yeah let see how it will work.. what a ‘will be’ busy semester (even the semester hasn’t started yet).. after that, all of assistants has a ‘lab cleaning’ section.. hoho..

in the afternoon, after having lunch, there was a rehearsal and preparation for PLC.. PLC itself will be held this saturday.. i think everybody quite satisfied with the result.. yes there are so many bugs there and there.. but overall, it’s good, man..

in the evening, i continued my Charmed.. and 3rd DVD was finished today.. January still have 2 weeks.. and i still got 3 more DVDs for Charmed season 1.. haha.. but i think, my time won’t be enough..

then did some jobs related to PLC.. unfortunately, i didn’t copy some of my latest update files and i was too lazy to repeat all of the same things again.. so, i decided to finish it at school tomorrow.. maybe i need abt half or one hour to finish it..

well.. this 2 days was fairly good for me.. after this week, still have soooo many to do.. at school : books + tutorials for 2 practices.. bless me.. cadenza software.. music concert.. don’t see that only 3 jobs.. tell you, nothing from that list is too easy to do.. hehe.. cadenza – very complicated.. music – need very routine practice and i am so lazy.. books – i think there won’t be any problem.. tutorial – VERY BIG PROBLEM for me.. hohoho..

let’s wish for the better week next week.. and of course a very good week for this week, especially for the weekend..