#311 : It’s Monday Again..

yeah it’s already monday again.. damn.. weekend always fast as we can enjoy it.. and the workdays come again T_T..

well yesterday i lifted my Cousin and his father up to airport.. then ard 1 pm, had a music practice as usual.. and guess what, we will have 2 concerts in Chinese New Year weekend.. means 2 more pressures for me.. okay i know there will be no new songs again.. but of course still need a lot of hard training and exercise.. 2 concert, in 24 Jan will be held in Orchid Hotel in Batu, but still uncertain.. if we deal, we will play for 30 minutes.. approx 6-7 songs..  26 Jan (in Chinese New Year day), we are invited to participate in CNY celebration in ITC-SIBEC.. we were told that China Consulate General, Surabaya City Major, and other important people will be there too.. approx 3000 guest.. woohoo.. what a day.. all of chinese foundations in east java will present a chinese culture, and if i’m not mistaken, only our group is selected to perform chinese music show ^^.. we will be given 10-15 mnutes, approx 3 songs.. hehe.. well it’s 2 weeks again then.. practice and practice..

yesterday nite, went to GM with my sis and my mom.. just accompanied them window shopping..

Monday – As the quote ‘TGIF – Thanks God It’s Friday’, we also know IHM ‘ I Hate Monday’ haha.. all the new beginning, include works T_T.. but today i just spent the whole day by playing.. dota + Ragnarok.. my mage has been wizard now.. and then, at night, i tidied my desk.. and now it’s very spaceful.. Aris came to my house, gave me 4 pieces of his sketch.. he asked me to make 3D version of his house sketch.. well i’m not so sure about this, but as help to my friend, yeah i accepted that job ^^.. it’s not very difficult, but certainly use my time quite much..

this is the beginning.. what i’ve done in 30 minutes..it’s only the 1st floor, and the wall only ^^


but at least, i’ve started working on it.. hoho.. that is the most important..and i’ll push myself to finish it tomorrow.. why not today ? because i need to sleep A.S.A.P coz tom. morning i’ll have fitness session ^^..

this week deadline : wednesday – Aris’ CAD model.. thursday – Logic Challenge Website.. Cadenza – audition, student registration form, profile, and weekly report input ( actually there is no deadline from the customer, but i set goals for myself).. no procrastination.. just do it.. i think this make me under pressured, all of this stuff, and i delay all of those stuff.. i don’t want to start it.. because i think it’s not easy.. but soon after i’m getting started, i feel like being sucked on it haha.. so i think the hardest part of being dilligence is to start doing..

and tomorrow, sadly, will be no RO for me.. promise ^^.. too risky for me just using my time with playing.. really.. *although now i’m wanting to play*.. but as soon as my Logic Challenge finished, i’ll start playing again.. of course with far more relieved feeling haha.. everybody knows how this LC website is so important.. and i think RO can wait (while i believe my friends, esp Glenn + Febtry will not wait for me.. and keep pushing their level haha)..