Daily Life

#173 : friday + saturday

hmm friday – so busy to install about 40 comps with all necessary software for OpenOffice.org training.. and went to THR (from 2.30 pm till 5.30 pm ) so bored there.. just bought new Hard Disk 250 GB for my Laptop and needed to be clone to ensure that the backup hidden partition disk is in my new HD.. well 1 hr needed just to clone Hard Disk.. phew.. and i waited there like stupid person w/o doing nothing.. just ate KFC and read news there.. so damn boring..

saturday – from 7 am i had to stand by at univ to prepare Comp Lab 304 to be used for training.. but nobody there.. waited till 7.30 till the room was opened by Housekeeping Staff.. wew.. really awful start.. and yes it was completely damn boring from 8 am till 5 pm.. boring, exhausting.. OMG.. but it’s my obligation to be responsible for a Lab i work at.. sooo yeah let’s say it’s professionalism :p hehe..

so sleepy, 6pm – 8.30pm got sleep for a while.. and 9.00 start my CCNA 4 final exam.. i should say that this is the worst exam i have ever done.. Final exam and i just got 67mark.. damn it.. i intent to retake this final exam next week again and i will use my 1 week as intensive as i can although my school life will be started again.. but i wonder 1st week will be quite relax.. hoho.. i need a booster that able to force me to keep focus on my CCNA at least till 2 weeks (still had many preparation Exams though)..

really i have to say that these 2 days wasn’t friendly to me.. hate!!!..