Daily Life

#129 : want to finish this week A.S.A.P

wew my mind is really flying nowadays.. projects, exams, and everything.. i want to skip this week ^^ so i will be directly on the following week, when all of the academic stuff is officially over (except SDP)..

been so lazy yesterday.. still pretend that i need more sleep (though i don’t think i need that amount of sleep because i don’t feel unwell, i have recovered to my normal condition although it was not 100%) so i took a nap for 4 hours T_T then just completely did nothing (uhmm playing some games ^^)..

today will have digital circuit exam (which i doubt myself to be able to do it well today) + HCI (open book and quite easy, i think).. hmm.. so it mean my exams will remain 2 left.. tomorrow Java and the day after tomorrow Comp. Graphics (this thing, i really don’t get it why we should study it as a core subject, 1st -> i don’t really understand all the 3D stuff, 2nd -> this is not the kind of competency that all programmers need because 3D usage is really really optional) and i haven’t done the projects.. a red sign that i will not sleep again for these 2 days ^^.. oh lets just face it and everything will be okay isn’t it..

after all of this, i want to go to the cinema (waiting for Kungfu Panda, 21 ,etc)… hmm meeting someone after a long time no see.. then, tidy my room + comp desk.. grrr

nothing left to say.. he4..viva spain 4-1 against Russia..