#119 : 1st day of final exam week

today i didn’t have any exam.. my first exam will be held tomorrow..today i observed ( Ind – mengawasi ? ) 3 exams, which from 8 – 10 am, 1 – 5 pm..

well i can say that it’s not a difficult task, but it’s tiring, boring, and wasting time ^^.. and after some negotiations with other assistant, i will have all of my observing schedule ( 10 times ) on this week.. while i will have to finish 3 projects due to next week deadline, Java + SDP + Comp Graphic.. but no complaint about this ^^..

tomorrow will have Mandarin final exam.. but i have prepared it properly, so i guess it won’t be much trouble for me..

hmm lately i’ve been so lazy to write posts he4..