Daily Life

euphoria of wi-fi has gone away

today was a real bad day.. started the day with waking up late (later than what i expected).. then i read news from detik using my wi-fi ( still able to use it )..

had a bad presentation of Management Information System T_T and i should re-write the written documentation..

then 10 am went home.. and the worst thing happen.. my wi-fi router couldn’t connect to internet.. real damn thing.. how could this bad things happen while 3 hours before i still able to use it properly.. i couldn’t understand electronic things.. always like that.. they crash whenever they want.. w/o notification.. urrghh..

so my euphoria of being able to online on my bed was gone away again.. and i don’t have enough time to repair it rite now (i have tried, but i think it need a longer time)…