Daily Life

#109 : yesterday

12.20 am.. friday.. i havent slept yet.. should complete few things..

what i acomplished yesterday :

  • SDP master customer + book ( for the bug + finishing touch although i believe there are minor bugs)
  • SIM – revision on my written documentation
  • Cisco 4.1.1 – 4.1.3 -> almost 15 pages… grrr…

well just 3 of them.. what i failed to accomplished :

  • IMK/ HCI -> 1 web analysis left, + my team website analysis..
  • Cisco 4.1.4 – 4.1.5 -> means i can’t take module 4 exam this week
  • my novel.. damn.. i never able to start this job..it should be on the judges’ desk at 30 June.. so i better finish it before 20 June.. from 2 June i will have final exam.. such a short time (free time) to finish it.. and because i use my head a lot for my project, i don’t have any chance to think about what should i write ^^…

not too bad… need more and more dilligence.. and in my imagination, all of this will be happy ending ^^..remember, think positively.. imagine your ideal condition and walk through it ^^..

ow yeah, something that quite disturbed me today was because she didn’t reply my SMS since yesterday nite.. poor me T_T.. and now i feel as if she got angry or disappointed with me (though i don’t know what my mistake is)..