Daily Life

hell week, bad marks

as i thought before, this week would be a hellish week he4.. and that’s really true… almost every day i spent with doing tasks and tasks, even i got to do few tasks + study for cisco exams for tomorrow.. urrghhh.. well i have no idea why i should complain to this kind of situation so i just take the positive thinking that surely there are so many people there ..

well, today’s theme is bad marks.. i got a bad performance in my cisco exam + java practice.. well, for my cisco, i should admit that sometimes i misunderstand the meaning of the question and it ended not so good.. but i do have a chance to retake the test.. but why do i oftenly retake the test he4… something must be wrong here… i need a better well preparation.

for Java, i do really disapointed to myself… i knew it was really easy stuff, but in fact i didn’t do it well.. and what make me more disappointed is that i am backed up by the assistant ( she gave me free mark by saying ‘ i assume you can do this, this ‘ .. okay no one hates free mark, but i do hate something free that show my weaknesses.. i think, it could be better for her to just give me low marks because it’s all my fault.. Lack of preparation he4..

i’ve learned a lot that although in academic life we have second chance and another second chances, but in the reality, we sometimes only given 1 chance… that’s what i should presume for doing everything from now, that i’ve only got 1 chance and myself only.. i should prepare well, so that i can get my optimum performance without taking the second and being helped in decisive event ( situation where i should finish some tasks alone.. like exams, practices ( praktikum in Indo )

i’m not arrogant by saying that i don’t need help.. but i do prefer help in the right situation.. he4.. well let’s say the reason why i don’t want so much help while i’m still be able to do something is a self-pride.. and i think, ( again, i’m not arrogant ), people who is assumed that he/she is well-intelligent, clever,smart, or somekind like that , a competitiveness is in their spirit ( include me ) and i do believe that we don’t like help from others in somekind situation ( except the teamwork activities ).. what we usually do to some failures is analyze it and find a way to avoid it happens anymore and that what should i do.. ho4… more hard work.. and smart work..

any comments about my thought above ? especially for those i know more cleverer than me a lot, mr F***X and mr Sonic he4.. i don’t know where you both have the same thought to me or not .. ho4.. but ur marks been better a lot than me..^^