#411 : 7th Day of 30DLBL Challenge ~ Action Plans

Today’s task is to make action plans from some goals which has been made yesterday. But, for today, maybe  i will choose the urgently need to be finished task first.. Well, i just jump into my action plans then 🙂

Basically, i have some urgent stuffs to be finished/achieved this month.. So, i will make plans for them first, and i will make more for my 1 year goals tomorrow.. Some of my goals that are urgent are: finish my final project and finish my first book..

#1 Finish My Final Project

My goal is to finish my final project (the documentation + program itself).. Well, the background for this, i am a just-graduated student. I had my final project examination last month (3 August 2010).. After that, i should make some revision and enhancement. Unfortunately, one month passed away too fast, and i procrastinated so much that until now, it has not been finalized. The real deadline is still 18 Oct, but i set myself to finish this stuff in September 2010.

Current Status : 7 Sept 2010, Program revision (almost 90%, just need to revise on log files and minor bugs).. Book revision (finish almost all of the revision, but still need double check for the final edition).

Desired Goal to be finished : 22 Sept 2010. Finish my book and program of final project. Collect everything i need for graduation application.

I want to achieve this goal because i want to feel completely graduated from my undergraduate study. It’s true that i have been stated ‘Pass’ for my Final Project examination. But since i haven’t completed the revised version of it, i am not officially said to have graduated (well, still everybody needs to wait the graduation ceremony on November 2010 though).. Beside, it feels as if i have extra load that i haven’t finished.. I want to achieve many other goals, but this goal is really pressure me.. For examples, nowadays, i want to learn mobile device programming for Android OS. But, because of this important ‘debt’, i feel so lazy to start a new thing. So, yes, i will have to finish this one first.

If i have finished this, i will feel so light. It’s as if my 4 years study is exactly finished, and i am ready to do the next steps/phase on my life. I will say, ‘Yesss I have finished my undergraduate study!’.. No more exam, no more revision. I will be able to switch my focus on the other things, such as helping some of my friends who are doing their final project now, start writing a book, and etc.

Project Title : ‘My Undergraduate Ending’


  • 8 Sept : Go to univ, ask for the forms need to be filled later on.
  • 14 Sept : finish revising log files + minor bugs for my program.
  • 15 Sept : make the poster for my final project.
  • 17 Sept : Finish my book revision + print it.
  • 18 Sept : create PDF version of my book.
  • 19 Sept : Finalizing everything need to be done
  • 20 Sept: Hard cover my FP (Final Project) book
  • 21 Sept : Submit FP book for final consultation (the rest will be waiting for the result)


  • Make sure i am doing on this minimum 3 hours/day from 13 Sept (i will have holidays from 9 – 12)..
  • Get the milestone on time. If it’s possible, finish the task sooner is much better.
  • Make this task to be firstly done in the beginning of days, set it as high priority for the day.


My plan will be following my milestone (hmm, not exactly the same. I even make my plan seemed to be faster and sooner than my milestone, just to make sure everything get done on time)..

  • 8 Sept : take all forms needed for my graduation. Since my univ will be closed since 9th till 20th Sept, tomorrow will be the last day to take them, so that i can prepare them in the holidays 🙂
  • 13 Sept: revise my log files + minor bugs for my program. Run the program so that it will generate the last update database of my final project.. While the program is running, i can make the poster..
  • 14 Sept: Check and edit my book, chapter 1 – 4 for final version.
  • 15 Sept: Check and edit my book, chapter 5 – finish.. Re-check my book for every thing.
  • 16 Sept: make the summary of my final project. Package all of my source into DVDs for documentation.
  • 17 Sept: finalize everything.. prepare all the documents needed to be collected for graduation.. Make HC version of my FP book.. create PDF version of my book..
  • 20 Sept: Submit my book for consultation.


Well, today, i met my FP supervisor, and he accepted my revision points. That’s mean i only need to change minor bugs as the whole concept has been accepted. And also, i will need to finalize my FP book for documentation.. The following execution will follow as i plan above 🙂


I will review this day by day (from 13-22 Sept, again, because 9-20th i will have holidays), since my limit is only about 2 weeks from now.. Hopefully it will work well..

#2 Finish My First Book

My Goal is to finish the draft complete version of my first book within a month, so that i can send it to the publisher next month (Oct 2010).. This first book will be related to my experience and subject i’ve been taught in my undergraduate study, related to web development stuff. I hope, this first book will be my opening way to become an author as i wish 🙂

Current Status : 7 Sept 2010 – total pages written : 0 pages :p.. But, i have bought some reference books, and collects my previous assignments which i think can support the writing process of this book..

Desired Goal to be finished : 10 Oct 2010 – complete my first book.. and then, send it to publisher.

I want to achieve this goal because it is my dream to publish my book. Since i want to be an author, i will have to start writing. Why i choose writing computer tutorial book first ? Because i think i am quite good at it, and i just need to review some assignment, rather than to make a new blank project 😉 If this goal works so well, i think i will be more motivated to write more.

If i have finished this goal, i will feel very delightful and grateful, because i’m getting closer to my dream becoming an author.. I will able to say ‘Well, i can write a book, i can publish a book. A book is the beginning of so many other books after it” :p

Project Title : “Debut as Author”

Milestone :

  • 14 Sept 2010 : finish the table of contents of my book, make the layout of the content
  • 17 Sept 2010 : finish the first chapter of the book + the samples
  • 21 Sept 2010 : finish the second chapter of the book + samples
  • 25 Sept 2010 : finish the third chapter of the book + samples
  • 30 Sept 2010 : finish the fourth chapter of the book + samples
  • 5 Oct 2010 : finish the last chapter-study case of the book + samples
  • 9 Oct 2010 : finalize the content of the book


  • set daily task related to this book writing process for about minimum 2 hours
  • Make the table of contents/layout of the book first, to be the guideline of next steps
  • Study from the reference books, to make sure i don’t make the wrong example
  • Consult my content to friends who also understand this, to make sure the content is right.


*haven’t made the plans yet.. will be added soon 🙂 *


*no execution till now 🙁 *


I will do weekly review on this project, to make sure i walk on the right track. Because, it’s the first time i write a book, so i will be more careful in doing this, by reviewing and assuring them contain the right content.

Those 2 plans are my ‘Ultimate Goals’ for this month/next month.. Well, definitely i have more than that. But, for the beginning, i will first share about those 2, remembering that those 2 are has the closest deadline from myself..

Tomorrow, i think, i will review my day 1-6 first, see if there’s any change i want to make. Well, after talking about my FP supervisor today, i will reconsider about my option joining Princeton Univ, but i do hope that i will continue my post grad study in a same-level or even better than Princeton Univ :).. The reason behind this is just the research field i want to do for my post grad. I have to be more selective in choosing the correct univ, because some univ specifically are the best at certain field of researches. So, rather than choosing the univ, first of all, i will have to choose the research field first i think 🙂

That’s the end of my post. Bye 🙂