#397: Things about Reading and Writing Something

well.. i try to present this post in English as a way to practice this language :p hehe..

hmm, reading is very common hobby that can be found from people in the world.. source to be read can be anything, include books (of course.. very common thing to read), websites, e-book (getting more and more popular nowadays.. but you need to stick on gadgets to read from it), newspaper, and etc..

the source itself varied from serious topic such as religion books (maybe), self-improvement books, technical book, to entertaining source such novels, comics, news, and etc..

by the way, i found that mostly my friends don’t like to read, especially from books.. hehe.. maybe i’m too strange to love reading that much ? hehehe.. don’t know the answer yet..

reading is an inserting something into your mind process, by means you read it, and you process it, then it will enter your mind in any form (depends on how you process those information).. basically, it’s quite easy right? to receive something..

benefit from reading (for me):
1. able to retrieve knowledge, especially if you haven’t had the experience that the writers had.. example, if you read biography of famous person, maybe you will know what kind of life they have although maybe you will never have that kind of life..
2. for entertainment.. yes.. reading can entertain yourself, especially if you reading comics or novels..

thats about reading.. (and i should admit that nowadays, i read very little amount of books.. sigh.. hope i can increase my reading volume)..

how about writing? for me, it’s far more difficult than reading.. why ? because effort to write something (something serious i mean.. not just silly things :p) is bigger.. you need to think very much such as:
1. idea.. idea is the most important things to be considered before you start writing.. it will become the basic of the whole things you write..
2. the sentences.. sentences should be clear, not confusing readers, but also able to transfer the writers idea with the minimum ambiguation (that can make many interpretations from the readers)..
3. language.. choose your own writing style and language.. maybe it will become your trademark..

what makes us lazy to write?
1. not enough time ? well this is not a good reason, but the most common reason..
2. not enough reading another source ? well.. writing is a producing process.. without any new input for our mind,it will be difficult for us to produce something new then..
3. not enough will ? hmm, if you have time, you have reading much, but you still don’t want to write, maybe it’s because you don’t want to. ehehe.. like another activities, writing requires your own will to be done..
4. not enough readers? well of course we write something with hope that somebody else will write ours.. but if we don’t get enough readers, maybe we will think ‘well, whether i write something or not won’t affect so much people as the reader is not that many’.. it’s true.. but i never think about readers when i want to write something.. well i do think.. but not that much..

personally, i become blogger because i want to write as much as i can, to share to the world (wide web) what i’m thinking about.. writing is quite fun lah.. not that boring.. if you find it boring, well, maybe it just don’t fit on you..hehehe..

but, we need to write right? thesis, final project, curriculum vitae, any letters, everything.. so, before its too late, maybe you should start writing something, doesn’t matter the result first ^^

happy reading and writing 🙂