Daily Life

#390: After Long Hiatus

well well well..

it’s been so ages since i last wrote blog.. o my god.. there is always any reason not to touch my blog.. from the serious one like projects (that made me slept total 10 hours on 3 days..) to crap reason, such as too tired (but yes i do feel over exhausted nowadays..)..

00:06 pm, not the right time to post something yah.. but well, i can’t get sleep after having short nap few hours ago.. sigh.. so better write than doing nothing :p…

since my last post was all about my resolution, i would happily to say that my resolutions seemed to failllllllll.. oh noooooo… it’s show us that if plans can fail, don’t you think what will happen if you live without any plan ??? because if you fail to plan, it means that you plan to fail too (nice quotes though).. here some list of my resolutions and the result until february

  • can’t get sleep earlier.. getting more and more difficult w/o any specific reason.. maybe late sleep was in my DNA ?? hehehe.. or i got heavy insomnia ? i dunno either
  • fail also to reduce useless internet.. but i can say that my online time is reduced compared to last year.. i spent more time with reading now..
  • exercise ??? now, 1 exercise per week is counted to be fairly good la.. hahahaha.. and the result is i’m quite overweight rite now.. i should consider this very much.. as it related to my health and fitness level.. which i think not too good nowadays..
  • blogging minimal once per week ??? absolutely fail.. since i wrote the last blog 2 months ago.. by means i have 8 posts debt until now.. heheheh..
  • reading novel/book, minimal 1 per month.. quite good lah.. i finished reading 2 books last and this month.. which i think i will post the review in this blog also.. hohoho..

hmm, i think i am ready to write more (hopefully).. hehehe.. and i’d like to see so many readers come to my blog and visit :p.. it’s the most thing writer wants, isn’t it ? have a lot of readers to read your writing.. hehehehe..

hey, btw, i just checked it out.. that my blog was in ‘Blogs of the Day’ by wordpress in Growing Blogs category.. for 23 April 2009 (i remembered it, when i wrote about Pemilu in Indonesia and so much people come here to read about that controversial post.. hahahahha.. ). This blog was in 22nd position.. but that just the past.. in fact, it looks like i’m failed to write another good things.. sighhh..

let me try again then.. whether i can or cannot to provide good article/opinion.. i also don’t know what kind of writing i will provide.. considering i don’t have any specialties that makes me expert on something.. hohoho.. well, just write lah.. too much thinking = not much writing maybe.. hehehehe..

enough for today.. let me think some great topics to share about :p