Daily Life

#312 : Tuesday


morning : went to Gym.. start using trainer again.. hoho.. well it’s worth rather than exercising alone.. but it was also a hard exercise.. the effect of the exercise is felt now.. my body is exhausted.. especially the muscle.. but to make it grow, you need to stimulate it with pain *which caused by hard exercise.. well, i guess that also works for human in daily life, isn’t it ? if you do find a difficulty, and you can solve it, you are growing, rite.. so, sometimes pain can be useful..

then went to school.. surprising change on Felix, almost made me didn’t see him when i came in to the room.. hehe.. then we did that LC stuff.. well i broke my promise not to play RO until my LC finished T_T.. before having lunch, i played it for about 15 min.. then after lunch, me and Felix show our work for the LC.. after that, i continued a little piece of my work and then, continued with play again 1 hour before going home ^^

in the evening, had a mandarin course.. then went home ard 9.30.. then directly went sleeping.. i was very tired, and sometimes you are useless when you are tired. haha.. so i decided to sleep first..


this morning, wake up at 4.30.. worked with Auto CAD and it’s almost finished.. maybe ard 80% and the finishing touch.. and now, time to go to school.. work again ^^.. ow ya, work at early (ard 3-4 am) really cool.. should try it again.. really lack of disrupting and disturbing things.. very quiet.. and with help of a cup of coffee, it will boost your work.. haha..