#237 : Thursday..

this week is quite fast.. today is thursday T_T time walking so fast.. OMG.. and weekend will come very so soon.. and sooner, the end of this month will come (which i think has just begun T_T).. hehe.. and please come next month, and also the month after next month .. cz i’m waiting for you.. hehe.. (although she said she is not 100 % definitely back T_T hehehehe but assume always for the best case ^^ )..

this day : wake up 7 am.. read news, breakfast, and etc til 8.. from 8, studied Orkom.. till 8.30.. picked Felix, took the invitation for 2 schools which i should deliver.. very far away from center of city.. urrrghhh.. need 30 mins to reach the first school (in Kebraon.. a place where even i as Surabaya citizen, has ever seen for the first time today T_T).. then 30 mins again to reach the second (in Wiyung.. also has ever seen this place for the first time..).. 30 mins with crowded street is tolerable, but for a straighforward and quiet street, i think it’s very farrrr..

came back to school at 11 am.. then had lunch.. Kremes fried chicken + Scrambled Egg.. Viva Sambel!!!! hehehe.. studied Orkom again till 1 pm..

1pm – Orkom exam.. no 1 – very easy.. no 2 – quite easy.. ehhehe.. no 3 – still was able to answer it.. no 4 – skip it at the first time, and lately i finished it.. no 5 + 6 – did the no 6 first, but they were a couple terrible questions.. arrgghhh.. but i’ve done it .. hehe.. didn’t care about the result ^^

4pm – fitness.. great!!! hehehe.. i love being sweaty (is it correct word for ‘Keringat’ ? in mandarin we called ‘chu le yi shen han’) when i think i need an exercise.. 20 min treadmill will be good for you, makes your body sweat and ‘light’ hehehe. combined with weight training for stomach (obligation for every chance), biceps, shoulders, and of course quadricep ^^..

nite – studied ADS .. last mid exam.. yey.. then made some question for next week Informatic Games T_T.. i think i must regret being procrastinator all the time.. hehehe..