#161 : zoomii, a virtual bookstore

hmm just understood a new technology in web services called Mashup -> accidentally understand because my friend intend to use that for Final Assignment..

web services is an ability for a web to share some information (this according to me hehe.. please look the official explanation at Wikipedia.org) . for example, if you want to know some information about a book and make a catalog in your web, you can ask Amazon.com for its web services contains all the books information (necessary and insensitive info) to be used in your website..

Mashup is a kind of combining web services (the concept).. for example, you want to make an application in mobile device providing information about restaurant in your city, you can access web services from Google Earth, Public Place Website of your city (maybe) or other web that contain necessary info, but you will provide it with your own style in your own application..

today i just found 1 great application of mashup.. called Zoomii.. a virtual bookstore of Amazon.com.. i think its very nice.. the visualization is so great (for me) hehe.. if you want to see it, www.zoomii.com… it has received award of mashup application too..