my waiting, plan changed again

this morning, i’ve arranged my new future plan.. and it is included my ‘waiting’…

i don’t think i’m the ‘waiter’ ( not that waiter/waitress, but yes their job is waiting customer ordering food rite ^^ ) so i guess i should be an opportunist… i should see and take a better chance if there is any in front of me rather than waiting unsure things..

and i should eliminate my habit which i just noticed, create an own virtual ‘wall’ inside of me.. why i can say this ? it’s inspired by exercise i did yesterday.. normally, i usually have 6kgs in one session of my training.. but my trainer forced me to lift the 8kgs.. at first i felt unsure, he said ‘just tried for 10 repetition’.. in fact i could lift 15 times.. and after that, my confidence was growing.. in the end, i could lift the 10kgs.. the main point is not the weights, but my mental which i think sometimes block me to achieve more and more.. why ? maybe i’m too afraid to lose, i’m choosing in my comfort zone than push my self.. but now, i know i can do far better..

hmmm something changed is my dream about Google.. yesterday, i read that if i want to work there, i should hold AUstralian Permanent Residency.. i haven’t thought about it yet coz i don’t know what to do with that PR.. but this morning, i read an Indonesia multi CCIE ( he took more than 1 CCIE certification OMG ) blog and i see some ‘click’ point.. i change my biggest dream from joining Google into chasing my CCIE first, before 30 yo.. i think i will be easier for me to join Google if i have had my CCIE rather than just S.KOm. wkwkkwkw… it’s not that i’m lower my target.. just change the route..

and this sunday is quite a good day for me.. thx God it’s Sunday he4..